By: HiFiAudio.Guru
February 1st, 2020

You too can be a proud sponsor of HiFiAudio.Guru! Sponsorships come in different packages to meet different needs and budgets. Banner sizes and placements are as follows:

Front Page 600×600

Front Page 1200×300 (see front page)

Front Page 300×300

Article Page (this appears in every article) 600×300

Article Page 300×300

Market Place 300×300

For those who wish deeper involvement, there is also Show Sponsorships, bring HiFiAudio.Guru’s famous in-depth show coverage to the HiFi show of your choice!

For further information contact Frank Iacone at

Remember, HiFiAudio.Guru Sponsorship is a relationship, not just advertising, help us to improve the world of HiFi for everyone!

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