HELM Launches Front Line Heroes Campaign

By: HiFiAudio.Guru
April 9th, 2020

HELM wants to give back to our heroes on the front line with 50% off the HELM True Wireless 5 headphones at helmaudio.com. Working with ID.me, medical staff, nurses, first responders, and US stationed armed service members with ID.me accounts will qualify for half off on the HELM Audio True Wireless 5 Headphones and our upcoming Wireless Sportsband headphones while we fight COVID19 together.

Right now unsung heroes are putting their lives at risk to save all of us. Medical staff, first responders, military personnel, and others are hard at work fighting COVID19 – we appreciate your efforts.

But even superheroes need a break. We’d like to help. 

When you can take some time to disengage and recharge – HELM Audio has wireless Bluetooth headphones that help to create a personal space to catch up via skype, zoom, or listen to messages with your friends and family, listen to music, or watch movies or TV episodes on your phone or laptop. These moments can make a huge difference to help keep you going.

HELM understands the demands of service. We are not a big company, but we hope this discount (which is as much as we’ve ever offered on any of our products) can help make a difference. Our founder, Eric Johnson, is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Naval Academy graduate. Eric’s appreciation for restorative downtime is one of the factors that shaped his passion for immersive audio quality and seamless wireless communication.

If you need a “zone of listening privacy” the HELM True Wireless 5 won’t disappoint you. The TW5 is a Bluetooth wireless headphone that has earned rave reviews for sound quality, passive noise cancellation, battery life, and convenience. If you’re looking for headphones to help you get away for a break, the TW5 has you covered.

We thank all of the men and women who are on the front line working tirelessly for all of us! From HELM Audio, we appreciate your efforts. We say “thank you.”

Learn more at helmaudio.com

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