Jazz Re:Fest 2020 Streamed Online Live Thanks To Bluesound With MQA

By: Gary Alan Barker
August 24th, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic live performances has become a rarity, but thanks to Bluesound, Jazz Re:Freshed, and MQA, Jazz Re:Fest 2020, rather than being cancelled was made available to everyone worldwide.

On Friday I received a Bluesound Powernode 2i for use in an upcoming review for HiFiAudio.Guru. Unfortunately I have not yet received the speakers for the review, but since I didn’t want to miss the Jazz Re:Freshed Jazz Re:Fest 2020, I hooked up an old pair of Mission speakers using Cardas Iridium speaker cables and power cable. Installing the BluOS app on my Moto G Power phone, all I had to do was click on the MQA link in the app at the appointed time and I was treated to a live concert in my listening room.

Jazz Re:Freshed is an organization dedicated to promoting new (mostly London based) Jazz artists with a distinct focus on trailblazers vs. lounge acts. If Jazz Re:Fest 2020 is anything to judge by, they are eminently successful in this goal.

All I can say is that with elements of Progressive Jazz, Reggae, Samba, House, Rap, and Social Awareness, Jazz Re:Fest 2020 was a riveting 4 hours of entertainment (even though it was in the morning hours here [5PM to 9PM BST-British Summer Time]).

The featured artists are as follows (though I didn’t note the order of play):

Binker Golding

Sahra Gure

Steam Down

Ms Maurice

Golden Mean

Jas Kayser

Anthony Joseph

And thanks to Bluesound the performance and sound quality of the streaming MQA was flawless, making me look forward with great anticipation to future offerings.

Note: for those who missed it, tickets for a YouTube presentation appear to be available on the Jazz Re:Freshed website.


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