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September 14th, 2020


The world’s most advanced digital music libraries are set to add Roon Ready convenience to complement Melco’s no-compromise Intelligent Music Library (MIML) software suite

Ballston Spa, New York, September 2020—Melco’s new EX Series of digital music libraries will soon benefit from Roon compatibility. The Japanese specialist’s five-strong EX Series product line up, which saw the introduction of the powerful Melco Intelligent Music Library (MIML) software, vTuner Internet radio and web control at the start of 2020, will gain Roon Ready convenience following a firmware rollout (4.04) downloadable from the Melco Audio website (USB download) from Monday the 14th of September 2020. A further over-the-air update (4.10) is expected later in the year.

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EX Series Melco owners will be able to update to 4.10 firmware from the front panel OLED display as soon as the update becomes available. Legacy Melco owners can also access the new firmware with an EX Series update; Melco dealers are able to advise.

Melco’s Roon implementation will introduce the option of Roon streaming in addition to Melco’s audiophile MIML software suite (SongKong and MinimServer), which has been meticulously engineered for optimum sound quality, while providing an unrivalled user experience, thanks to SongKong’s powerful metadata functionality. Updated Melco libraries will allow Roon to operate (as alternative to UPnP) when the library is configured with a USB DAC.

Being Roon Ready means that Melco devices now integrate a customized version of Roon’s RAAT streaming technology directly into the device, providing the user with an incredible user interface, simple setup, rock-solid daily reliability and the highest levels of audio performance in the industry.

Following the firmware update, all global EX Series Melco libraries will become Roon Ready, however, Japan will follow at slightly a later date.

Luxman America is the distributor for Melco in the United States.

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