AV Luxury Group International: A Powerful New A/V Distribution Company Debuts

By: HiFiAudio.Guru
March 14th, 2022

February 7, 2022 (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) – AV Luxury Group International is proud to provide the highest quality distribution services for a select group of world-class A/V equipment manufacturers.

Specifically, AV Luxury Group International has been named the exclusive North American distributor for:

A V Luxury  Group International was co-founded by two A/V industry veterans: Thomas Kiss and Bruce Ball.

Thomas Kiss is a émigré to the United States and over the past two decades he founded a successful construction company as well a highly respected retail high-end audio, home theatre, and custom integration business based in Summerlin, NV. (Summerlin is an upscale suburb of Las Vegas, and Kiss’ store is called AV Luxury Group). Over time, Kiss’s commitment to the A/V world continued to grow so that he eventually sold his construction business to focus solely on his store and his ever-growing group of satisfied clients. Much though Kiss enjoyed the A/V business he built, he realized a growing desire to become an expert distributor for today’s finest A/V products. With this end in view, Kiss joined forces with Bruce Ball – a man with extensive experience in building high-end A/V brands.

Bruce Ball has worked in the high-end A/V world for over 33 years and has been associated with a number of brands that will be familiar to most members of the high-end community. For example, Ball served (along with Ernst Benz) as co-founder of the legendary phono cartridge manufacturing firm Benz Micro, as Vice President of XLO Electric and then Ultralink/XLO, as president of the high-end audio electronics firm Halcro, as head and owner of TAG McLaren Audio USA, Inc, and, more recently, as head of the Questyle North America (Questyle North America was the North American arm of Questyle Audio Engineering).

Kiss and Ball share a common vision for building a fundamentally different and better kind of A/V products Distribution Company. “We aim to build a distribution company that not only sells meaningful volumes of products,” said Kiss, but that also focuses on bringing especially desirable brands to the US market and that provides real value for client/manufacturers, dealers, and customers alike.”

“With this thought in mind,” added Ball, “we’ve made a conscious choice to only distribute products whose performance benefits are clearly self-evident, and where our company can add value by being well-capitalized, offering large and well organized warehousing facilities and a focus on customer service. Our intent is to maintain adequate stock on hand for brands whose products might otherwise prove difficult to access for US dealers and customers. We also understand that brands of the calibre we distribute must be supported through proper marketing programs and on going advertising campaigns.”

Kiss points out AV Luxury Group’s showroom serves as a retail store in its own right, meaning that, “we are one of the relatively few distributors who know from first hand experience the sorts of questions that prospective customers may ask as well as the challenges that dealers may face. In addition, the “AV Luxury Group International” showroom serves as not only a showroom where dealers can visit to see and hear the products we distribute, but a training center as well.” Kiss and Ball feel strongly this gives AV Luxury Group International a powerful edge in terms of providing genuinely useful dealer and customer support.”

“In the last analysis,” says Ball, “we want to help our client/manufacturers and dealers build thriving businesses, but most of all we hope to grow a large clientele of discerning customers who will be delighted with the products we distribute.’

For more information and for dealer or manufacturer inquiries, contact:

Bruce Ball, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, AV Luxury Group International: (866) 528-8085 direct, (818) 927-7553 (mobile), bruce@avluxint.com.


Thomas Kiss, Founder and Managing Partner, AV Luxury Group International: (866) 528-8085 direct, thomas@avluxint.com.

AV Luxury Group International: www.avluxint.com

Distribution Center
6738 W. Sunset Road, Suite 160
Las Vegas, NV 89118

2130 Park Center Drive, Suite 140
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Learn more about AV Luxury Group International.

 follow @AVLuxInt on Twitter, as well as facebook.com/AVLuxuryGroupInternational

and instagram.com/avluxurygroupinternational/.

AV Luxury Group International will have 3 exhibit rooms the upcoming Axpona Show in Chicago, IL, April 22, 23, & 24, in rooms 1439, 140 & 1443 where we will be displaying all AV Luxury Group International brands.

About our Brands:

Brodmann Acoustics
Brodmann Acoustics is perhaps best known as a maker of superb concert pianos built in the European tradition (that is, with a sound that is rounder, fuller, and less bright and edgy than that of many pianos built in North America or in Asia).

The same mentality and musical sensibilities that go into Brodmann’s pianos also influence the design and voicing of the firm’s four ranges of high-end loudspeakers known, respectively, as the Vienna Classic Series, the Joseph Brodmann Series, the Festival Series, and – for home theatre enthusiasts – the Inwall Series. Apart from the Inwall models, most Brodmann speakers feature one or more forward-firing high frequency drivers, multiple side-firing mid-bass drivers, and are characterized by what many consider a highly revealing and yet supremely natural sound.  As one might expect from a piano maker, the enclosures of Brodmann’s loudspeakers are elegantly designed and exquisitely finished.

Until now, the family-owned Mexican firm Margules has arguably been one of the best-kept secrets in the high-end world. However, the fact is that Margules has been in business for over 90 years and, in its early days, played a key role in building the Mexican electrical power grid and in establishing Mexico’s network of national radio stations. Over time, though, the Margules enterprise split into two companies: Radio Surtidora (a distribution company) and Tel Rad (an audio product manufacturing company). Modern-day Margules traces its roots back to Tel Rad.

Today, the firm is led by Julian Margules (a fourth generation descendent of the company’s founded, Jacob Margules) and has evolved to offer two tiers of high performance audio components, including loudspeakers, audio electronics, and source components. These two tiers are known as the Margules range (upper tier) and the Magenta range (upper mid-tier). By mixing and matching components from the Margules and Magenta ranges it is possible to create a number of packaged systems (or “sets”, as Margules would call them) spanning a broad spectrum of price/performance points. This makes the Margules brand particularly attractive to dealers looking for a product line whose offerings are scalable, thus meeting the needs of customers with varying system budgets.

Many Margules electronics products are innovative vacuum tube or hybrid tube/solid-state designs known for their subtlety, natural musical warmth, and ability to convey musical nuances. In turn, Margules’ high-end Orpheo series speakers use very high-quality ceramic drivers, yet are priced thousands of dollars below competing ceramic driver-equipped models from Europe. Finally, Margules offers a very sophisticated yet comparatively affordable TT-10 turntable/tonearm package to cater to the needs and wishes of vinyl enthusiasts.

Why is Margules a “best-kept secret”? A big part of the answer is that, until now, Margules has never been distributed in the United States – a state of affairs AV Luxury Group International looks forward to changing in the immediate future.

Raidho Acoustics
Raidho (pronounced “ride-hoe”) Acoustics is the maker of some of the world’s highest performance loudspeakers. Ask any group of knowledgeable enthusiast to name what they consider the top five speaker brands on the market and odds are the name Raidho will appear on most lists – with the brand claiming the top spot on more than a few. Raidho is the flagship brand offering from the Danish company Dantax A/S (the two other brands in the Dantax family are Scansonics HD, also distributed by AV Luxury Group International, and GamuT, which is distributed by Audio Skies).

Stated simply, Raidho Acoustics loudspeakers have it all: stunning Scandinavian good looks, outstanding build quality, impeccable audio engineering and advanced technologies (especially in the area of materials sciences), and that elusive “it” factor that spells the difference between merely great hi-fi and those rare products capable of authentic and emotionally evocative musical expression.

All Raidho speakers are hybrid designs, combining ultra low-distortion ribbon tweeters with dynamic (that is, piston-type) midrange, mid/bass, and bass drivers (depending on the given model). In turn, Raidho’s dynamic drivers feature extremely sophisticated frames, motor/magnet assemblies, and progressively more exotic diaphragm materials as one progresses from the most basic to the most advanced Raidho models.

There are three tiers of Raidho speakers: the X/XT-Series, which use Raidho’s signature ribbon tweeters and the firm’s proprietary Ceramix drivers or Titanium drivers, the D-Series, which again use ribbon tweeters and the firm’s Diamond-Like Carbon-coated drivers, and the flagship TD-Series, which again reprise Raidho’s ribbon tweeters and the firm’s all-new Tantalum-Diamond cut dynamic drivers.

No matter which models a customer might choose, Raidho speakers deliver extraordinary listening experiences. In fact, many first-time Raidho listeners comment that these speakers have given them a much deeper, fuller appreciation for and understanding of even familiar pieces of music.

The design of Raidho speakers, and in fact the design of all Dantax A/S group products, is overseen by the legendary designer and Dantax CTO Benno Baun Melgaard (who also was the creator of the GamuT brand). Meldgaard is very much an “engineer’s engineer”, but he also famously embraces what some might term “organic” sonic qualities that – when properly executed – serve to make audio components sound truer to live music.

RSX Tech
RSX Technologies is a comparatively new manufacturer of high performance audio cable, but one with a very rich past. RSX is the brainchild of Roger Skoff—the designer who originally founded the well-regarded cable company XLO (in fact, Skoff’s own initials and the first letter of the XLO name combine to form “RSX”).

RSX Tech is an engineering-driven and physics-based company whose cables are made in the USA using the finest conductors, dielectrics, and connectors available. Their explicit aim is to convey audio and/or power signals while altering them as little as possible; indeed, in Skoff’s assessment, doing “nothing” to audio signals should be the highest goal of any high quality audio cable. Accordingly, RSX cable are designed to be as neutral and color-less as possible – this in contrast to many cable brands on the market that in effect operate as signal “filters” or even as virtual “tone controls.” When asked what makes RSX Technologies cables superior to others, Skoff’s simple answer is that, “RSX cables do better ‘Nothing’ than any others.”

At present, RSX offers three tiers each of Phono Cables and AC Power Cords, plus a very high quality power distribution box. For more information on these offerings, click the links below:

RSX does not yet offer interconnects, digital, or loudspeaker cables as of yet, but Skoff says these product categories will be introduced in the near future.

Scansonic HD
Scansonic HD is a sibling brand to Raidho Acoustics under the corporate umbrella of the Danish Dantax A/S group. Scansonic HD loudspeakers aim to deliver Raidho-like designs, technologies, and an overall sonic character similar to that of the upscale Raidho products, but at markedly more accessible price points. This does not mean Scansonic HD builds “cheap” speakers by any stretch of the imagination, as that is emphatically not the case. Rather it means that Dantax A/S recognizes that while many enthusiasts rightly admire the Raidho sound, not all are willing or able to make the quite significant investments that Raidho ownership requires. For discerning music lovers on constrained budgets, then, Scansonic HD speakers are the answer.

There are three ranges of Scansonic HD speakers. The entry-level L-Series models feature traditional fabric soft dome tweeters and dynamic mid/bass drivers featuring composite woven-fiber diaphragms. Next up are the M-Series models, whose configurations more closely mirror Raidho designs; specifically, the M-Series models incorporate “high-end ribbon tweeters” (albeit ones different from the much more costly units used in Raidho speakers) and dynamic mid-bass drivers that use honeycomb-reinforced composite glass-fiber diaphragms. Finally, at the top of the line are the MB-series models, which offer ribbon tweeters (in this case ones much more similar to the Raidho tweeters), dynamic mid/bass drivers with carbon-fiber diaphragms and special spiders and frames, and – in some models – aluminum woofers. Perhaps more importantly, the MB-Series provide crossover networks designed to time-align output from the speakers’ drive unit at their intended listening distances.

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