T.H.E. Show Launches Their 2022-2023 Ambassador Program

By: HiFiAudio.Guru
April 4th, 2022
T.H.E. Show’s 2022

Los Angeles, CA: April 4, 2022, T.H.E. Show welcomes Jiles McCoy of Home Theater Fanatics and Scott Lylander of Audio Acoustic Engineering as Ambassadors for T.H.E. Show’s 2022-2023 programming. 

Between them, McCoy and Lylander bring over 30 years of experience in hifi, audio, and home theater. With their knowledge and passion, they will be an integral part of T.H.E. Show’s front-facing personality, bringing T.H.E. Show’s mission of an elevated listening experience for all very much to life through the content they create and their respective global reach on social media.  

T.H.E. Ambassador Program was born following the major transformation T.H.E. Show underwent in 2018-2019 to keep hifi and audio front and center through their social media platforms, VIP events, web series and award-winning documentary short film, ‘T.H.E. Human Side‘.  Ambassadors are tasked with being more than tastemakers, they actively build bridges between T.H.E. Show and the audio community by way of advanced promotion, spreading the mission of T.H.E. Show, working to create a culture of inclusion, education, and inspiration for music lovers of all ages, at all evolutions on their audio journey, hosting T.H.E. Talk, being present at T.H.E. Show, and more. 

“Being an Ambassador for the Home Entertainment Show means that I am able to help share T.H.E. Show experience with the world. There is nothing quite like hearing and seeing and feeling new music and equipment. And the Home Entertainment Show is the perfect venue for this experience! We will take a journey together as we explore everything The Home Entertainment Show has to offer.” says McCoy of his Ambassadorship. 

Of his new role, Lylander had this to say: “I’m an audiophile. Can you guess how many striking people I’ve met through that statement? Many. Being an ambassador for T.H.E. Show is a way for me to learn and to give back to our audio community. As an audio ambassador, I want others to join our club. Does your gear make you an audiophile? Does your music make you an audiophile? It’s passion that makes an audiophile. It’s the desire to learn why and share the knowledge. It’s meeting new people with the same passion. It’s good vibes.” 

“We are delighted that Jiles and Scott have become T.H.E. Ambassadors for the 2022-2023 year. Both have unique and valuable experiences, perspectives and knowledge to share with our community and both are positive-minded, mission-driven individuals who know how to not only connect with people but to get them excited about hifi, audio, home theater and entertainment and T.H.E. Show is very much looking forward to their ambassadorships with us.”  T.H.E. Show Team  

Attendees and exhibitors of T.H.E. Show will see McCoy and Lylander at T.H.E. Show Long Beach CA, this June 10-12, 2022 connecting with people, creating content, interviewing exhibitors, and more.

About Jiles McCoy 

Jiles McCoy is a brand and social media marketer who founded Fanatics Media, a social media content creation and marketing firm. As part of this effort, Jiles operates and manages the Home Theater Fanatics social media channels that focus on Home Theater, HiFI, Consumer Electronics, and Computers. Jiles somehow also finds time to host and produce the HTF Live! weekly web series and podcast.  Outside of the social media arena Jiles is a 22 year C-level veteran in Information Technology. Jiles has experience with consulting, government, fortune 500, and web-based businesses including Arthur Andersen, American Medical Response, Kingston Electronics, and Envision Healthcare. Currently, Jiles leads an innovation team with responsibility over IoT, enterprise security, data center infrastructure, process reengineering, and institutional technology change management. 

For fun Jiles and his family of 4 love to travel and see the world. And play games. And eat pizza.

Jiles earned his B.S. in Computer Science from Troy University and his MBA from the University of Colorado… where he lost most of his hair.

About Scott Lylander

Scott Lylander is an audiophile, acoustician and engineer specializing in vibration control. Through these avenues, Scott founded Audio Acoustic Engineering and has been growing brand awareness for over two years. In the energy industry, Scott leads a culture of Identify, Diagnose and Mitigate, the ingredients of problem-solving.  Outside the technical arena, Scott is a passionate advocate of good vibes –  an emotional intelligence tool to manage the dynamics of life; when people are down Scott feels strongly that the audio community can build them up. Music and HiFi are natural ingredients of celebration that can steer our emotions – the human element!

Scott has a diploma in mechanical engineering technology from Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario Canada and through ASET has earned a license to practice engineering. Scott has been hands-on in dynamics and problem solving for over 20 years.

For fun, Scott loves to wheelie his bicycle, surf powder, explore with his family of 4 and engage in the social community. Scott loves pizza too. 

T.H.E. Show Long Beach takes place at the Hilton Long Beach CA, June 10-12, 2022. 

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