VANA Ltd. Offers EAT (European Audio Team) Fortissimo S to Dealers and Consumers in North America

By: HiFiAudio.Guru
June 26th, 2024

Fortissimo S Features Massive 50 lb. Platter Comprised of Multiple Materials for Maximum Noise Reduction

Nesconset, NY, June 26, 2024 — EAT (European Audio Team), the company whose high-performance products are designed to bring listeners as close as possible to the meaning and spirit of the original performance, offers the flagship Fortissimo S turntable in North America via VANA Ltd., its NY-based distribution partner.

EAT (European Audio Team) Fortissimo S turntable

The Fortissimo S (SRP: $8,000, minus tonearm) is a significant step up from the company’s popular Forte S turntable, with a massive 50 lb., 15.75” platter that is assembled from three materials — aluminum, brass, and vinyl — chosen for their dissimilar resonant characteristics that cancel each out to reduce traces of mechanical noise.

“The Fortissimo S is one of the best examples of the care that goes into designing EAT products,” says Roy Feldstein, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) VANA Ltd., exclusive North American importer of EAT. “Jozefina Lichtenegger and her team base all of their product designs on the idea that the finished product must represent the best in its price class, and they can only do so by taking a fresh approach to each and every model.

Opposing magnets support the platter to reduce the effective load on the bearing surface. The bearing itself is a uniquely inverted design topped with a ceramic ball and mounted in a steel alloy block. The shaft surface features a graphene-based low-friction coating that reduces friction to 1/6 of the Forte S.

The Fortissimo S’s massive platter is spun by a fully decoupled, dual-motor design, mounted in a separate housing that prevents resonance from the power unit from reaching the turntable.

As a worthy match for the platter, the chassis of the Fortissimo S features a two-part design that combines the advantages of a dynamic delivery of a mass-loaded design with the low-noise characteristics of suspension. The top-loaded section is comprised of high-density MDF and a metal-filled center. When mounted, with the platter, on opposing magnetic feet, the Fortissimo S boasts the isolation of a suspended turntable.

Adds Mr. Feldstein: “I’m proud to bring this exceptional series to demanding audiophiles and music lovers in North America. Its products are beyond reproach.”

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About EAT

Designed and manufactured in Prague and Vienna, EAT (European Audio Team) products are individually crafted from the finest materials to bring the listener as close to the music as humanly possible. EAT treats each model as a new creation, with distinct benefits that rise above those offered by competitive products at similar price points.

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